frequently asked questions

The following items answer most if not all of our philosophy and what you receive for your money.

General questions
We take as long as it takes. We try to get an idea of exactly what their expectations are. We set up "sandbox" sites so that they can view the progress of the design as it is happening. This allows for constructive ideas to flow back and forth in a realtime environment.
Once we know you are completely satisfied with the content and functionality we upload the site to your doamin and it is live.
Absolutely! If you have a specific domain name you want we will check and make sure it is available for purchase. We take care of the registration and implementation of the name on our servers. We bill for that service.
Existing Customers
Your hosting fee covers unlimited picture replacement and text changes. We cannot make design changes under your hosting fee agreement.
Changing the basic structure of the website design, such as adding new pages, banners, etc. We limit regular changes to existing content such as additions to photo galleries that were part of the original design and text field changes to existing design. Any changes requested over and above that are considered design changes and will need to be billed as such. Our original designs don't break the bank and neither do our design changes but they do take time and we can't work for free.
We will talk with you about your request and send a quote for services.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We install coding on your website that allows Google to find your site and push it towards tthe top of search results. We will also provide you with Google Analytics reports showing where your visitor traffic is coming from. This helps you to see what sites people are on when they decide to come to yours.
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is what provides that little lock in the browser address bar. It assures anyone coming to your site that the site is secure and the information you may provide doesn't leave the site.
All hosting is billed on an annual basis and is invoiced through Paypal.