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We believe there are a three simple steps to securing a reservation.

They need to find your site, they need to see what your park offers, they need to see what's around the area, and done right it will lead to a reservation.

We Do It Right!


What is your park's name and where is it located? With SEO your site shows up high in the search arena.


We highlight the many amenities your park has to offer using pictures of your facilities and the natural beauty of your park.


What's in the area that people might want to see or do? Fishing, scenery, history?. We provide pictures of these things and link to that website.


Once the other three are accomplished correctly the reservation will follow. We offer a reservation request form that will notify you by email that someone wants to stay at your park with all their information.

Simplicity is the best way

Proven Results!

The attention span of a web surfer is mere seconds. If you haven't grabbed their attention in that time, they will move on. Earthsong keeps the whole site uncluttered. We don't upload a zillion pictures of everybody and their brother and sister! If you want that we will set it up so that you can upload as many pictures as you want.

THE KEY! Home Page, Park Amenities, Area Attractions, Reservation Request

Service Details

We design the site to your specifications but try to stick to our basic 1234 rule. Home, Amenities, Area, Reservation. We publish the content you provide. High quality photos and what you want to show everyone looking for a park like yours. 

If you have the time and want to upload content, we will set it up for you. Some like to upload photos, or display a calendar of events. This is all included in the design of the site or can be added at a later date.

Hosting fees at this time are $150.00/year. We use the servers at GoDaddy that maintain a 99% uptime. You don't have to worry about your site being visible to the World. We set this up for you.

We also handle the domain registration if you request that service, SSL certificate registration and renewal are handled strictly by us and are a charge of $75.00/certificate/year and an added $25.00/year. Our customers pay a basic fee of $250.00/year for the complete hosting service.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential to helping the search engines find and list your website. There are companies offering this service for hundreds of dollars. We do it for the low fee of $50,00/yr..

We will also work with you on setting up your site with Google Analytics. We will install the codes and help you see who and what is driving traffic to your website. Again, this is part of your Annual Hosting Fee.

We take pride in being responsive to our customers. There is no long wait for action to be taken when requested by you. Most changes happen the same day as requested.

Rate changes, picture changes, rule changes. They are all handled the same way by us. As quickly as humanly possible. We hate waiting for stuff so why should you?.

Our Customers Say

Our Pricing

Earthsong charges a fraction of what other companies do. Why? We're not out to gouge you. Our prices are fair and our work is first rate. We are a lean machine that has perfected the art of getting the job done professionally for less money.


      $ 250
      • One time charge
      • Includes all content upload
      • Built to customer specs
      • Satisfaction Guaranteed
      • 10 page max

      $ 50/yr
      • SEO Installed
      • Google Analytics provided.