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Key Points


Whether its a full-blown store front or just a few items to sell, we can design your site to offer your inventory to the world. Your cart can be set up using your business charging account or any number of Ecommerce services. We recommend Paypal because of it' security features and ease of use.

Discussion Areas (Blog)

Discussion areas allows you to create and manage blog(s) online from your website and allow your visitors to keep up-to-date with your company or organization and post comments and provide feedback based on your blog post(s).

Interactive Calendars

Public/Private Viewing

Set your calendars to be viewed by all, or only by those who have permissions.

Multiple Event Types

Define different display/input fields for different event types.


Allows you to compose and send out online newsletter messages to your subscription lists. Your visitors will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe from your mailing lists.

A bit about our team...

Our team has been designing sites for businesses and indiviuals for over 20 years. From small to large, personal to Ecommerce, we use the latest technology to bring you the best results.

Our hosting plans provide the assurance of flawless performance coupled with extensive technical support to help you set up your site and maintain it with ease.Only $100.00/year.


We have been designing websites for individuals and large organizations for over 20 years. Almost since the beginning of the graphical web era. We have the ability to fashion a site to your needs and guarantee your satisfaction.

Meet the team...

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Dream Team

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